The original was created for the Kentishtowner newspaper and website, 2013.

Maps are not just for getting from A to B, they are about community and geography, identity and belonging.

When I set out making the Kentish Town map, I wanted to show the diversity and liveliness of the neighbourhood – and the map has gone through changes over the years. The area is in fact is ever-changing, and is in flux still. The high street is still a mix of shops, as it should be. From Gails to Rios, McDonalds and the fishmongers – plus the “new” cinema that was always coming to the corner but never materialised. Gentrification an idea, half-considered, but never fully realised. You could never prettify Kentish Town, although neighbouring Tufnell Park had a go.

Map for Grrrr! – the pop-up art shop in NW5, summer 2016.

If you would like to map your area – cement your stomping ground – i.e. commission a piece or a workshop, let me know.